Launch Temporary Aura Fed

Proposal to Launch Temporary Aura Fed


On May 30th, we were informed by the Aura team that they were undergoing a process of optimization, which necessitated the migration of certain Aura pools. The current DOLA/USDC pool is in the list of affected pools, with a scheduled migration date of June 12th. More details can be found in this post on the Aura forum.


Inverse Finance DAO currently operates an AMM Fed, known as the Aura Fed, in the DOLA/USDC Balancer pool. The most recent version of this Fed was launched February 3rd, and allows the Fed Chair to deploy DOLAs into the pool while farming rewards. The current Aura Fed is pointing towards the Aura pool that will discontinue receiving rewards from June 12th as part of the migration. Therefore a new Aura Fed is needed in order to receive rewards from the updated Aura pool.

Separately, the PWG has led the development of a new codebase for AMM Feds, which will allow the deployment of new feds to happen more seamlessly than presently. This new codebase, which was intended to be rolled out with the Aura Fed, is currently under review. As the comprehensive code review process is still ongoing, this proposal will initiate a provisional Aura Fed, to ensure a continuous reward stream. This interim Aura Fed is based on the same codebase as the existing Aura Fed, with minor modifications, and therefore does not require aa thorough code review process.

Despite the anticipated short lifespan of this provisional Aura Fed, it is a vital step for the DAO to maintain the present DOLA liquidity strategy. A subsequent proposal concerning the adoption of the new codebase for the Aura Fed will be presented in due course. Please review the codebase changes between the current Aura Fed and the proposed temporary Aura Fed here.

On-Chain Action

  • Add Temporary Aura Fed as DOLA minter
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