Proposal to adjust parameters of EMA oracle price feeds


This housekeeping proposal seeks to remove the “lower bound” parameter and RWG guardian role for FiRM markets using EMA oracle price feeds.


The lower bound parameters of the cvxFXS, crvCVX, st-yCRV market price feeds were launched as a precaution against downwards manipulation attacks on the newly introduced Curve EMA oracles. This launch configuration stops the feed results from reporting at exchange rates below “0.5” FXS per cvxFXS, CRV per cvxCRV and CRV per yCRV.

A guardian role to manage the lower bound parameter was introduced with the specified price feeds and assigned to the RWG.


These lower bound parameters can now be reduced to “0” as the Curve EMA oracle now has Lindyness and the markets move away from their guarded launch. Furthermore, the guardian keys will be burned as they’re no longer needed. Inverse DAO governance will retain sole permission to assign these roles and adjust the lower bound parameter if required going forward. Note: cvxCRV contract requires no guardian role changes as the key is already assigned to the zero address.

Contracts this proposal aims to interact with:
ConvexFraxSharePriceFeed -

ConvexCurvePriceFeed -

StyCRVPriceFeed -

On-Chain Actions

  • setMinFxsPerCvxFxsRatio “0”

  • setGuardian “0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000”

  • setMinCrvPerCvxCrvRatio “0”

  • (no guardian changes)

  • setminCrvPeryCrv “0”

  • setGuardian “0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000”

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