Proposal to Fund Participation Incentives for FiRM Market Research

Background & Summary

FiRM currently offers competitive fixed borrow rates against various blue-chip assets, but it lags OG variable rate lending platforms in TVL. Although FiRM’s lending capacity has grown recently, borrowing activity has not kept pace, prompting discussions on how to boost borrowing on the platform.

DAO contributors and community members have suggested several hypotheses that could be explored through one-on-one interviews with whales or other wallet holders. Potential interviewees could be sourced from partners like Yearn or Frax, who benefit from having their collateral on FiRM, as well as via other community members.

The Growth Working Group conducted similar interviews with potential users holders in the past and the timing is right for additional research today.


  • Conduct live interviews with up to 10 large “whale” borrowers regarding attitudes toward FiRM
  • Conduct live interviews with up to 10 smaller “dolphin” borrowers regarding attitudes toward FiRM
  • Timing: beginning ASAP and conclude in August
  • Compensation: provide interviewees with incentives to participate. Whales: $500 each. Non-whales, $100 each. Payable in DBR.
  • Share summary data with the DAO at the conclusion of the research.


  • Allocate $6,000 in DBR (approx 78,000 DBR today) to the GWG for purposes of market research.

On-Chain Actions


Small budget. Support. Maybe ref links as part of exercise for more DBR?