Proposal to Increase Daily Borrow Limits for cvxFXS FiRM Market


As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance FiRM attractiveness as a lending platform, the Risk Working Group (RWG) periodically advises on proposed adjustments to market parameters. These adjustments, which may include changes to collateral factors, daily borrow limits, liquidation factors, and market supply ceilings, are meticulously evaluated by the RWG. The goal is to strike a balance between attracting new users and maintaining the platform’s stability and security.

Risk Assessment

The recommendations for parameter adjustments in both new and existing markets are derived from rigorous “Risk Assessments” conducted by the RWG. For a detailed summary of the latest risk assessment on the cvxFXS market, please refer to the provided document here.


Based on the analysis conducted, we propose the following parameter adjustments for the cvxFXS FiRM market:

  1. Increase Daily Borrow Limit: Our assessment finds that increasing the daily borrow limit from the existing 200,000 DOLA to 500,000 DOLA is appropriate. The collaterals liquidity, as well as the FiRM market’s demonstrated stability and borrower behavior justify this adjustment.

Certain highlighted weaknesses of cvxFXS such as DEX trading volume and token distribution were studied and deemed to be appropriate for the adjustments presented above.


This proposal is grounded in a comprehensive risk assessment and analysis conducted by the RWG. By recommending these parameter adjustments for the cvxFXS FiRM market, we aim to foster a balanced environment that encourages new users while ensuring platform stability and security. Please note that the information provided is based on the risk assessment up to the specified date, and any subsequent developments are not accounted for in this proposal. Community feedback is encouraged and welcomed, as we collectively shape the evolution of the FiRM platform.

On-Chain Actions

  • Adjust Daily Borrow Limit for cvxFXS to 500,000 DOLA.
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