Proposal to Update Helper Contract (Auto-Buy DBR)


This proposal aims to whitelist the new Curve-based helper contract and update the FiRM UI to point users towards the DOLA-DBR LP on Curve and away from the DOLA-DBR LP on Balancer. In doing so, users will be able to seamlessly buy and sell DBR with better rates and lower slippage directly from the FiRM UI. The contract tied to the old Balancer pool will remain whitelisted in the eventuality the UI is updated to point towards it once more.


Proposal #089 introduced a helper contract for FiRM users to buy and sell DBR when opening, managing, and closing their positions without needing to use external websites. However, the proposal relied on Balancer as the platform to buy and sell DBR. Since then, a new DOLA-DBR LP has been launched on Curve. This LP stands to provide a better trading experience for FiRM users, making use of CurveV2’s pricing algorithm, and the possibility of having a gauge whitelisted, all of which will lead to lower trade slippages. Once/If this proposal is voted through, the TWG, which has been actively managing the Inverse Finance treasury since its inception, will transfer PoL from Balancer to the DOLA-DBR LP on Curve.


Curve v2, launched in August 2021, introduced several key improvements over the original version of the protocol; one of them being the introduction of a new pricing algorithm that provides tighter spreads and lower slippage for traders. This new algorithm was designed to be more capital-efficient than the original, which means that users can trade larger volumes with lower price impact. In addition to the new pricing algorithm, Curve v2 introduced a new “liquidity gauge” feature, which allows liquidity providers to earn additional tokens as a reward for providing liquidity to the protocol and consequently improves the trading experience for all users. Lastly, Curve v2 also includes several other technical improvements that make the protocol more efficient and cost-effective, including reduced gas costs due to improvements to the protocol’s smart contract infrastructure.

The TWG is working towards having the Curve DAO whitelist a gauge for the DOLA-DBR LP. This process involves drafting a proposal, socializing it on Curve Finance’s forum and ultimately a voting process via Curve Governance. If a Curve gauge is whitelisted for the DOLA-DBR pool, Inverse would make use of accumulated veCRV voting power to incentivize LPs to provide liquidity to the pool. This will result in a deeper LP, which will ultimately make for better trading rates and accommodate for larger swaps from FiRM users.


By updating the FiRM helper contract to use the new DOLA-DBR LP on Curve, FiRM users will be able to buy and sell DBR more efficiently and with better rates. This change will improve the overall user experience and will help bring about the next wave of users to FiRM.

On-chain actions:

  • Whitelist the new Curve-based DOLA-DBR LP on the FiRM helper contract
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