Q4 2022 INV Token Mint and Allowance Refresh

INV Token Mint

Please see the Q3 Mint proposal here.

The INV+ proposal that passed in early February represented a shift in tokenomics, away from a max supply of 100,000 INV tokens to a new model that allows for rapid growth of the protocol while keeping stakers protected from any dilution.

In accordance with the goals initially set out in the INV+ proposal, the time has come to mint new INV tokens in order to ensure the continued operations and success of Inverse Finance.

The current Inverse Finance Treasury is due to run out of available INV tokens between 3rd October and 6th October, so it is imperative that new INV tokens are minted prior to this to ensure operations and rewards continue uninterrupted.

As laid out in the INV+ proposal, the plan is to do a mint proposal approximately every 90 days. The Policy Committee is recommending that 55,000 INV tokens be minted, to cover the next 90-days of estimated INV staking rewards, liquidity bribes and our Olympus Pro bonding program.

This proposal however is NOT a guarantee of future INV emission rates, the Policy Committee retains the responsibility to adjust emission rates as they see fit in the best interest of the Inverse Finance DAO. This means that the next INV mint proposal may be required sooner than 90-days from now, or later if the INV emissions are less than predicted.

In order for the Policy Committee to continue supporting the Olympus Pro bonding program, which is currently vital for paying down DOLA and non-DOLA bad debt, a new INV allowance of 12,000 is requested.

Keep an eye on the #general-policy channel on Discord to stay up to date

On-Chain Actions

  • Mint 55,000 INV to Treasury
  • Set INV Staking Contract INV allowance to 50,000 (this allowance is what allows INV to flow from the treasury to INV stakers)
  • Set Policy Committee INV allowance to 12,000 (to facilitate Olympus Pro bonding program)

Doubling circulation supply, without allowing the dust to settle with Ethereum, seems a bit premature. If Ethereum makes a turn downward, I believe Inverse value will plummet. I would suggest delaying minting at least 2 months to avoid any drastic drop in Inverse value, and, allow Inverse the opportunity to recover back to a solid. $120.00 ea. I believe Inverse should take a route comparable with Yearn and MKR; supply and demand.

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Hey @KingofInverse, appreciate you taking time to review the proposal and posting a comment.

Your concern for the value of INV plummeting would ETH price fall is valid but I would argue that is true for most small- and mid-caps in this moment. And, unfortunately, this proposal couldn’t be delayed any further since these mints operate on a tight schedule.

Currently we operate very much like a startup and so require to use INV token to help bootstrap the project, from acquiring PoL, paying down our bad debt and supporting the DOLA ecosystem. The long term goal is for us to reach a sustainable point where mints are no longer required to support operations, and in fact the Treasury is able to buy back INV reducing the circ supply (like Yearn), but we are a fair way from that right now. Hope you stick around to see us get there!