Season 1 launch | temperature check

Author: Pepperoni Jo3 (r3gen)
Reviewers: @cryptoharry @patb


We propose the move to a “Seasonal” model at Inverse Finance to support improved financial planning, accountability and transparency. We propose that Season 1 planning begin on April 1st, with Season 1 running through until September 31st.


Since Inverse Finance’s launch in 2020, the organisation has operated on a loosely quarterly planning and proposal process for Working Groups.

Whilst broadly effective, the approach has created some points of friction:

  • Difficulty maintaining clear financial insights on the costs, spend and runway
  • Difficult for the community to assess the relative impact and cost of different business functions.
  • Reduced clarity for new and existing WGs on timelines and how best navigate a budgeting and proposal process
  • Lower levels of cohesive organisational planning for medium-long term strategy.
  • Challenges in articulating and uniting the Inverse Finance community around a clear vision for the future.

Season 1 Launch

Season’s are increasingly used by many leading DAOs, including Optimism, Forefront, and Bankless.

Seasons @ Inverse Finance

  • Inverse Finance detethers from the traditional Quarterly financial model and chooses a more flexible cadence for planning, delivery and reflection. We are recommending a 6 month Season.
  • Every Season starts with 2+ planning workshops aimed at bringing together the core team to discuss and lay out a cohesive vision for what they want the organisation to achieve. The outputs of this can then be socialised and discussed with the community.
  • Seasonal planning will identify the critical decision points and topics we need to resolve to execute on a successful medium-long term plan
  • Financial Reports will be published to inform holistic and WG specific planning. In collaboration with the TWG, r3gen aims to publish the following financial reports: financial status report, runway analysis and revenue projections.
  • Working Groups will clearly articulate a proposal detailing their responsibilities, projects and objectives over the next 6-months.
  • Season “half time” provides an opportunity for the organisation to reflect on what’s worked and provide more detailed updates to the community

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The following indicative timeline is provided to give the Inverse Finance community a sense of how we see Season 1 progressing.

Item Date
Season Launch Temperature check Thursday, 16th March
Financial Status Reports Wednesday, 29th March
Seasonal planning workshop #1 Wednesday, 6th April
Seasonal planning workshop #2 Wednesday, 13th April
Season 1 Budget & Proposal Process proposed and passes governance Wednesday, 13th April
All Work Group Proposals pass through governance Thursday, 28th April

Next steps

This forum post does not instigate any on-chain actions and was intended to serve as an update and temperature check on our Season 1 approach.

We would appreciate and value the Inverse Finance community expressing their feelings and perspective in the comments below