Treasury Financial Review - 03/2024 Snapshot

Treasury Financial Review - 03/2024 Snapshot

This Financial Status Report is dedicated to enhancing transparency, clarity, and accountability within the Inverse DAO community. Building on the previous treasury summary from September 2023, this report spans from September 2023 to March 2024, offering a detailed view of the DAO Treasury’s performance (excluding INV spend). For an extensive and historical analysis, please refer to our comprehensive Google Sheets link: 03/2024 Snapshot - Treasury Review SHAREABLE

Summary and Revenue

At the commencement of Season 1, the DAO’s decision to reduce operational expenditures (such as within the RWG and GWG, as well as disbandment of the CWG) was implemented, helping reduce the annualized opex and reduce the negative impacts on the remaining stablecoin runway.

Financially, the period between September 2023 to January 2024 was very challenging for the DAO. The bond program, orchestrated by the Policy Committee, was suspended in September due to unfavourable market conditions, particularly impacting $INV. This suspension accelerated a trend that had begun in May 2023 of a falling stablecoin runway due to a revenue/opex level below 100%. It also marked a pivotal shift, emphasizing DOLA demand (strengthening the underlying protocol) over immediate cash inflow. The recovery that has transpired since has been noteworthy and has positioned us in good financial standing in the wake of Season 2. Insight into the different phases of the studied period (Season 1) are summarized below:

Facing Unprecedented Challenges:
The period from December to January posed significant challenges for our DAO, particularly affecting DOLA’s peg stability and liquidity. These challenges necessitated a strategic pivot, focusing our financial resources on generating demand for DOLA. This shift was critical as, despite it redirecting potential revenue away from the Treasury, it emphasized the importance of stabilizing our core financial instrument.

Strategic Recovery Initiatives:
Our resilience was tested, but our strategic foresight shone through from February to March, marking a period of significant recovery and progress. The TWG spearheaded this turnaround with long-term investments in ve(3,3) style protocols on more cost-effective Layer 2 solutions. This strategic move not only revived DOLA demand but also restored its peg to better than historical averages, achieving an unprecedented level of liquidity strength.

Revenue Revival and Financial Health:
March emerged as a cornerstone month, bringing about substantial revenue inflows to the Treasury, a direct result of the TWG’s tactical maneuvers. By leveraging AMM Feds, notably the Aero Fed, alongside revenues from veNFT (spanning both trading fees and voting incentives), we achieved a monumental milestone. Revenue for March exceeded operational expenses by 6.46x times, enabling the Treasury to significantly bolster its runway and secure the minimum target of 12 months’ operational expenditure.

This phase of our journey underscores the DAO’s commitment to adaptability and strategic innovation. It highlights not only the challenges we’ve faced but more importantly, how our collective efforts and strategic investments have paved the way for a robust financial recovery and a stronger, more resilient future.

Mitigating Bad Debt

Between September 2023 and March 2024, we achieved a significant milestone in reducing DOLA bad debt by 1,430,338 DOLA. This reduction, from 8,796,517 to 7,366,179, was primarily facilitated through a strategic swap of Treasury INV for DOLA in October 2023. A further key initiative in this achievement was the launch of the Virtual xy=k DBR Auction, which consistently converts DBR into DOLA, directing all proceeds to mitigate DOLA’s bad debt. A recent proposal to increase the maximum rate of DBR streamed to the xy=k DBR Auction underscores its initial success as well as the expectation that it will be a major driver in paying down DOLA bad debt in the upcoming period.

Please see the bad debt dashboard on the transparency portal for an up-to-date view of bad debt progress.

Working Group Operational Expenses

Breakdown by working group of where stablecoin is being spent from the Treasury, considering both contributor payroll and the WG multisigs.

For a full month-by-month breakdown, see the “Stablecoin Operating Expenses” sheet in the shared Google sheet linked at the start of this forum post.

Treasury Holdings

The treasury holdings displayed below are made up of the on-chain smart contract Treasury and TWG multisigs, excluding any INV or DBR held directly in the treasury.

Dynamic Growth and Strategic Investments:
Since September, the Treasury has witnessed remarkable growth, a testament to our strategic foresight and agile financial management. The initial surge was propelled by the expansion of the TriDBR liquidity pool—which is predominantly owned by the Treasury as POL. This growth phase was fueled by the appreciating value of DBR and INV, coupled with strategic liquidity enhancements executed by the TWG. Subsequent growth phases have been significantly influenced by the acquisition and management of various veNFTs by the TWG. These assets are central to our long-term strategy for generating DOLA demand, allowing us to elevate revenue generation without depleting INV assets. From September to March, an impressive 344% growth in Treasury assets was recorded, translating to an increase of over $18 million.

Sustained Growth Amidst Financial Commitments:
It’s noteworthy that the DAO’s Treasury has consistently recorded positive year-on-year growth in USD terms. This achievement is particularly remarkable in light of the $7.25 million allocated towards mitigating bad debt since June 2022—funds that could have otherwise contributed to further expansion and investment. This resilience underscores our commitment to strategic financial stewardship and the robustness of our financial planning.

Profit Generation and Active Management:
March spotlighted the veNFT assets within our Treasury as pivotal to our financial strategy. These assets have not only provided a steady stream of cash flow but also contributed significantly to the $513k profit realized in March via the TWG. This management strategy adeptly balances between fueling liquidity incentives—thereby ensuring sustained DOLA demand—and securing tangible profits for the Treasury, epitomizing the TWG’s proactive approach to maximizing asset performance.

Please see the treasury dashboard on the transparency portal for an up-to-date view of the treasury.

Closing Remarks

Looking Ahead with Optimism:
The period from September 2023 to March 2024 began with challenges but concluded on a high note, showcasing the resilience and strategic acumen of the DAO. Going forward, the TWG advocates for leveraging this momentum not just to address DOLA’s bad debt but to fortify our stablecoin reserves, ensuring operational resilience against future market fluctuations.

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