Upgrade Velo Fed for Velodrome v2

Proposal to Upgrade Velo Fed for Velodrome v2


On the 22nd of June, Velodrome v2 launched with emissions to v1 gauges ending on June 29th. This means the current Velo Fed will no longer receive VELO rewards from June 29th.


In order to continue receiving VELO rewards, and having AMM Fed liquidity deployed to the new DOLA/USDC pool on Velodrome, a new Velo Fed is needed to be deployed along with a new cross-chain messenger. This will allow the Fed Chair to migrate liquidity over from June 29th. In order to implement this, this proposal will point the current optiFed towards the newly deployed Velo Fed on Optimism.

New veloFarmerV2 deployed here
New VeloFarmerMessenger deployed here

On-Chain Actions

  • Change optiFed to target VeloFarmverV2
  • Set VeloFarmerV2 address in new VeloFarmerMessenger
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