Whitelist Temple DAO Multisig Address


This proposal seeks to whitelist the following multisig address associated with Temple DAO for use in FiRM: 0xb1BD5762fAf7D6F86f965a3fF324BD81bB746d00


As a precaution against flash loan attacks, FiRM only allows whitelisted contract interactions. This allows regular user wallets to interact while it at the same time limits any automated attacks, forcing any attacker to be extremely well-capitalized. Flashloan attacks require contract interactions and are therefore impossible. This prevents single-transaction attacks like the one Euler suffered, but also makes it more of a hassle for other protocols to integrate with FiRM, as they will need to contact us for a whitelisting. We consider this a worthy trade-off.


Temple DAO have expressed an interest to borrow DOLAs via FiRM, and therefore this proposal seeks to add the DAO Treasury Multisig to the FiRM borrowController’s contract whitelist

On-Chain Actions:

Set 0xb1BD5762fAf7D6F86f965a3fF324BD81bB746d00 as an allowed contract on the FiRM borrowController

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This is a good trade off to have such security. I don’t see why we would not let temple DAO borrow DOLA.

Could we have any information about there request, which market they are interested etc.

Whitelisting will allow the address to enter any market on FiRM. Looking into their holdings, one can speculate they are eyeing either the DAI, or gOHM market.

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I’ve already signalled in favor of this, would be interested to explore whether we can add something in the future to help govern these potentially large users.

Ie something like a velocity cap for a multi-sig, how quickly they can borrow DOLA against their positions. Maybe unneccessary but seems useful as Inverse starts to undertake more deals like this potentially