Analytics Working Group - Season 1 Proposal

1. Summary

Proposal for Inverse Finance DAO to cover operations of the Analytics Working Group (AWG) in Season 1, running for 6 months September 1st to Feb 28th.

2. Analytics Working Group

The Analytics Working Group (AWG) is a specialised WG within the Inverse Finance DAO that is dedicated to analysing, interpreting, and leveraging data to guide strategic decision-making processes. The AWG plays an essential role in providing comprehensive data-driven insights, identifying patterns, and highlighting opportunities for growth or areas for improvement within the DAO. The Analytics Working Group is spearheaded by a dedicated professional with extensive expertise in data science. This individual possesses a diverse range of skills encompassing data analysis, data engineering, and business intelligence. Occasionally, the AWG augments its capacity by engaging consultants to aid in complex projects or during peak demand periods. The one-person structure allows for agility and focused decision-making, while the occasional engagement of consultants ensures flexibility and scalability when needed.

1. WG Goals

The mission of the AWG is to drive strategic and operational excellence across the DAO by enabling data-driven decision making. The AWG is committed to uncovering insights that help enlighten the path to success, assisting all working groups in understanding their performance and improving their impact. The long-term goal is to ensure that Inverse Finance thrives on a foundation of evidence-based strategies, ultimately creating more value for all stakeholders.

2. Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Analytics Working Group (AWG) include:

  1. Data Strategy Development: The AWG contributes to the development and execution of a data strategy that aligns with the DAO’s overall objectives. Data strategy refers to the management, governance, use, and storage of data in an organisation. It’s a comprehensive plan that outlines how a company collects, stores, manages, shares, and uses data. The strategy can be defined as the non-exhaustive sum of the points below.

  2. Data Governance: The AWG is responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of the DAO’s data, ensuring that it is accurate, reliable, and used responsibly.

  3. Infrastructure Maintenance: The AWG oversees the maintenance of Inverse Watch, our primary data analytics platform. This crucial responsibility ensures that the DAO’s data analytics capabilities remain robust, reliable, and cutting-edge. Additionally, this includes the upkeep of the alert systems. As part of this the AWG has been working to continually improve and refine this Subgraph to better suit the DAO’s unique needs. This responsibility involves updating the Subgraph to index new data, optimising the queries for performance, and maintaining its overall integrity and reliability. This ongoing work ensures that the DAO has timely and accurate access to the necessary blockchain data, which is crucial for decision-making, risk management, and strategic planning.

  4. Data Analysis and Interpretation: The AWG is tasked with continuously monitoring, analysing, and interpreting data related to the DAO’s operations. This includes data from transactions, user behaviour, and market trends.

  5. Dashboard & Report Generation: The AWG creates detailed, clear, and timely reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) and other crucial metrics to inform strategic and operational decision-making.This includes Operations, Markets, and even Risk-related metrics like the asset scoring model. These comprehensive dashboards are instrumental in tracking performance, identifying trends, and informing strategic decisions.

  6. Insight Provision: Through their analysis, the AWG uncovers valuable insights and opportunities for growth or improvement, which they communicate to the relevant working groups or the DAO as a whole.The AWG built alter systems serve an invaluable role in providing key insights to stakeholders. There are two main aspect to this alter system:

    • Alerting System: The AWG has developed and maintains a sophisticated alerting system, which includes a Discord Alert Bot and Risk/Protocol Monitoring tools. This system ensures the DAO remains vigilant and reactive to any risks or issues. The Discord bot sends real-time alerts on key issues, while the Risk/Protocol Monitoring tools regularly check the health and stability of the DAO’s operations and assets.
    • Automated Socials: In order to maintain a timely and responsive communication channel with the broader community, the AWG has created the Inverse Alerts bot on Twitter. This bot automatically shares key alerts, updates, and insights, enabling the DAO to maintain a transparent and engaging presence on social media.
  7. Collaboration and Consultation: The AWG works collaboratively with other working groups, providing consultation and support on data-related matters.

  8. Data Literacy Advocacy: One of the less obvious but equally important roles of the AWG is promoting data literacy within the DAO, helping everyone understand the value and utility of data in their respective roles.

3. Projects

  1. Deliver on traditional tasks and continue business as usual
  2. Create new data connectors to expand the pool of our available data sources in-app (eg. Twitter, Google Analytics, Binance, Coinbase)
  3. Build new visualisations tools to track tokens activity in-app with more accuracy (Graph visualisation)
  4. Build Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities in-app to detect trends more effectively
  5. Improve current user model, add Web3 authentication to the platform

4. Success Metrics

  • number of Weekly/Monthly AWG Insights Report published
  • number of Insight Generated that led to clear actionable effect within the DAO / # of Insight Generated that did not lead to a clear actionable effect within the DAO
    • Insights will be reported via the Monthly/Weekly AWG Insight Report
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction: Achieving a satisfaction rate of more than 75% in seasonal survey, demonstrating the value they derive from our work.
  • Infrastructure Robustness: Ensuring our systems and tools, including dashboards and alert systems, have less than 0.1% downtime.

2.5 Decision making power

The AWG has decision making responsibilities for all matters related to the selection, maintenance and structure of analytics related infrastructure and tooling. The AWG reserves decision making powers to use the AWG budget as necessary to support the goals of AWG.

2.6 SecOps Responsibilities

SecOps is an integral part of the AWG’s responsibilities, providing critical insights into the operations of the DAO. Our dedicated alerting system, comprising a Discord Alert Bot and Risk/Protocol Monitoring tools, allows us to manage risk effectively and keep all stakeholders informed in real-time.

Furthermore, our expertise in retrieving on-chain data enables us to assist other working groups by providing necessary past or current data, thereby expediting their tasks. We also play an instrumental role in risk assessment and mitigation strategies by interpreting data patterns and potential anomalies. By maintaining a proactive and vigilant approach, the AWG ensures that the DAO’s operations run smoothly and securely, mitigating potential risks before they manifest.


In Season 1 Contributors agreed to move to a standard compensation banding system. You can view the full compensation bands here.

1. Contributors

Contributors will be active within AWG, to be paid as follows.

Name FTE Band Pro-rata Monthly Salary Total for Season 1
Naoufel 1 A 14,500 87,000


While Naoufel was previously on a lower salary band, the scope of his work has clearly evolved past an analyst’s traditional tasks. His expertise encompasses data engineering, data science and analysis. The building and maintenance of new in-house analytics systems, involving working as a backend and frontend engineer also supports this increase in nominal compensation.

2. Ad hoc & Tooling

In addition to Inverse Watch (IW) centralised infrastructure providers, the AWG also maintains a subgraph on the Graph decentralised network hence incurring GRT tokens costs. While those costs are difficult to foresee with accuracy, the AWG is requesting in addition to the above a total of 1,200 DOLAs (for the duration of the season) to purchase an amount of 10,000 to 11,000 GRT on the market and allow the service to continue undisrupted.

Details Type Requested $INV Requested $DOLA per month
Quicknode (IW) Tooling 0 299.00
Redis DB (IW) Tooling 0 36.00
PostGreSQL DB (IW) Tooling 0 72.00
Frontend (IW) Tooling 0 14.40
Worker (IW) Tooling 0 60.00
Scheduler (IW) Tooling 0 60.00
Details Type Requested $INV Requested $DOLA
GRT Tokens Tooling 0 1,200
Total for S1 season 0 4,448.40

3. Flexible Budget

AWG requests a flexible allowance of 351.6 DOLA to cover tooling unforeseen expenditure that arises during the Season.

In order to temporarily increase the AWG capacity if needed, the AWG requires an additional allowance of 3,000 $ for the duration of the season to incur for consulting expenses.

Additional flexible budget in $DOLA 3,351.6
Additional flexible budget in $INV 0

4. Summary

In summary AWG requested the following budget for the 6 months of Season 1.

S1 $DOLA allowance S1 $INV allowance
Contributors 87,000 0
Ad Hoc & Tooling 4,448.4 0
Flexible Budget 3,351.6 0
Total 94,800 0