Proposal for Extending Funding for Analytics Working Group Operations


This proposal seeks to secure funding for the Analytics Working Group (AWG) for the period of January to June 2023. The funding will be used to sustain the AWG’s critical functions, which include providing dashboards and key metrics on Inverse and other protocols’ markets, user website interactions, and an alerting system.


The AWG has been operating successfully for the past months, and its services have been essential in providing important insights into the DAO’s operations. However, the AWG’s funding has been delayed, and this proposal aims to extend its activities for another six months. The previous proposal from the Mills era in June 2022 (Proposal 52) supported the AWG’s activities for six months, which will now be followed up with this new proposal.


The AWG’s primary objective is to provide valuable analytics services to the DAO, including dashboards and metrics. The AWG has been working on transitioning its alert system to a platform that would allow the RWG and TWG treasury teams to build their own alerts without depending on the AWG’s technical expertise. This transition has incurred additional costs, including a Quicknode premium subscription ($299/month) and backend, frontend, and database hosting services (now on Digital Ocean instead of Google).

The AWG has also been working on an in-house data analytics platform that would replace Dune Analytics, which has changed its terms of usage. The AWG has found that the benefits of Dune Analytics’ premium accounts are no longer worth the expense. This in-house tool will provide dedicated indexing, querying, and charting services and share infrastructure cost with the new alerting platform (1,000 DOLA /month including 60% provision for increase in database usage).

The proposal does not include funding for Dune Analytics subscriptions.

Finally, the AWG plans to remunerate external contributions to its activities and consultancy fees, such as those from The Graph and ad-hoc analysts. The proposal includes an amount that can be used to pay for these services (2,000 DOLA /month of operation).


The current structure of the AWG multisig operation will not change. @Karm, @Cryptoharry, and @Naoufel will remain as signers.


This proposal seeks to provide essential funding for the AWG’s activities for the period of January to June 2023. The AWG provides critical analytics services that offer valuable insights into the DAO’s operations. The proposal includes funding for the alert system transition, an in-house data analytics platform, and external contributions to AWG activities. The AWG’s multisig operation will remain the same.

Important :

858 DOLA are remaining from proposal 52 funding request, they have been subtracted from the current total.

Currently the AWG multisigs holds more than 9,000 GRT token which would allow the service to continue undisrupted until end June. No additional amount to market buy GRT is requested for the time being.

On chain action :

Allow 17,142 DOLA to the AWG multisig

Are there any ad-hoc services or consultations that are planned with the $2k/mo?

Can you provide some additional resources on what the $1000 /mo goes to for the in house dune replacement? It’s not clear what this is funding or how we plan to utilize this, We currently use dune in an extremely limited way and this is a rather large monthly cost. The 60% provision for increase in database usage isn’t clear either is this to upgrade our digital ocean package? I’m assuming it’s because the shared infrastructure will need to increase.

How do these costs $1000/mo compare to paying for Dune?

Thanks for your feedback @karm .

There is plan to develop a subgraph for Firm on the consulting side, and the possibility to have an intern assisting me as an analyst has been discussed internally. This is where consulting expenses would mostly been spent since the AWG is still a one person working group. Although this is not 100% confirmed, this allowance leaves the door open for this.

Also, kind reminder that we do not pay Dune since December already, maybe the sentence is confusing but it means there will not be further payment to Dune and this is not to be included in a budget anymore.

1000$ /month are necessary to run if we want to add indexing capabilities:

  • 300$ quick node subscription is already spent every month to access Blockchain data,
  • ~150$ is currently spent for Digital Ocean Testing and Production infrastructure

So around 450 is already necessary to run the alert system, the remaining 550 would constitute a provision since the database load will increase when we will start indexing our own data. This compares quite largely to Dune where the plan we used in the past for 390$ has been increased to 1,337$/month : Pricing

The possibility of having our own indexing service doesn’t relate only to cost but also integration and the possibility to publish chart or report with a higher flexibility on the format and integration, and the possibility to apply stronger data analysis framework with Machine Learning in Python for instance.

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Thank you for the detailed response, much more clear now. LGTM