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Recently, Inverse Finance has been primarily focusing on growing products and expanding the user base of the ecosystem. Besides, Inverse Finance owns a DAO with proactive contributors and builders to qualify the ecosystem. Particularly, we have witnessed all-out efforts of Inverse DAO to encourage the growth of stablecoin $DOLA into mass adoption.

We are aware of your potential and that would be much greater if they are acknowledged by the Vietnamese community through Coin98 Insights.

Why Vietnam?

According to Chainalysis, Vietnam hits #1 nation ranking about crypto adoption rate in Asia during 2021-2022. In addition, Vietnam owns highly dynamic, crypto savvy, GameFi, and DeFi users.

Why Coin98 Insights?

We are ranking #1 on Google and acquire our reputation for the most trustworthy crypto knowledge hub for investors in Vietnam.

Our team possesses a profound understanding of the market. In fact, we always adhere to the highest standards of ethics, impartiality, and truth while publishing in-depth articles, valuable reports, and insightful stories, etc. for our community.

Coin98 Insights also has been known as Vietnam’s most trustworthy crypto knowledge hub with high-quality sharings, how-to articles, and DeFi guides that target directly newbies.

What sets Coin98 Insights apart is a heavy emphasis on expertise and knowledge while assisting investors in comprehending the market and industry trends.

The collaboration with Coin98 Insights means working with the most prestigious crypto media in the region. All information, campaigns, incentives and retroactive programs can be exposed effectively and responded positively.

Hence, Coin98 Insights submits this proposal to support Inverse Finance in the media sector to raise your brand awareness in Vietnam.

You can learn more about our platforms and active community from the links below.

Objective details

With our advantages, we can boost Inverse Finance on media, promote and spread latest news about your product updates, partnerships, DAO activities, and proposals; stimulating our crypto community to approach your ecosystem.

In details, Coin98 Insights can help Inverse Finance to:

  • As information about Inverse appears on Coin98 Insights (, the project will get exposure on Google’s #1 ranking and the most trusted crypto knowledge center for investors in Vietnam.
  • Reach ~550K+ investors community of Coin98 Insights on social platforms.
  • Educate users on your projects and update vital information such as new features, milestones, roadmaps, etc.
  • Acquire direct user feedback to gain more insights for your expansion and development.
  • Raise brand awareness of your project and team through our substantial media resources and extensive network.

To meet those targets, here are some lines of the content we offer:

  • Interview project builders and share insights with investors & community members
  • Research/Report monthly, quarterly, and show in the form of infographics and long-form articles. Here are some infographics we have done (Link), and our latest 98-page report on Vietnam Crypto Market 2022(Link), for reference.
  • Cover big news of Inverse Finance, spread out to our community on the official Telegram channel and official Facebook group.
  • Make videos/podcasts (optional)
  • Others: Token explanation, beginner guidelines, translating articles, summarizing upcoming events, and spreading out on Twitter,etc.


We propose Inverse Finance to quarterly grant us an amount of 700 INV tokens. This budget is an estimate of the expected fund that we can use to boost your brand awareness in Vietnam.

This budget will be distributed to lines of content as details:

Create the content on the website

  • An interview article: set up with the attendance of your founder or project team members, and sharing stories about the project, milestones, visions, and insights with investors and the community (English Version & Vietnamese Version). We are producing the series “The Spotlight” in this sector, check more details here.
  • An overview article: Including project information, products use case and potential development.
  • A token explanation article
  • A how-to article

All articles will be distributed to our Vietnamese community. Particularly, Interview Articles will also be formed in English version and available for anyone to share.

Spread content on the Community:

  • Cover 20 news about Inverse Finance in 3 months and share on Telegram Channels (70K+ members), Facebook Group (123K+ members), and Twitter (70K+ Followers). (Vietnamese Version)
  • Research and share at least 2 infographics about the project on Twitter with 279K+ followers. (English Version)

Monthly, we will report to Inverse DAO about the content distributed and performance for reference, then you can determine grant extensions.


Thanks for taking the time to draft out this proposal. Definitely an interesting proposition. I encourage DAO members to post their thoughts below.

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Thanks a lot for this @alicenguyen2199 , this is a very interesting proposition for the DAO to consider.

I’d be interested to know if there’s any data on where the majority of Coin98 Insights’ audience is regarding ecosystems and blockchains. My suspicion is there isn’t much exposure on the Ethereum mainnet, but its a lot higher on cheaper chains; so a strategy to utilise this and push on marketing when FiRM is launching or launched on these L2s/alt-L1s makes sense (if this is where the userbase is)

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