Onboard Part-Time Developer To PWG

Give the Product Working Group a 11200 DOLA allowance for the hiring of a part-time solidity developer to increase deployment cadence and quality of new revenue generating functionality.

Inverse Finance currently employs 0xMT as its only salaried solidity developer. This limits the scope of projects that Inverse DAO can take on, and has been a bottleneck when it comes to internal code review along with prioritizing which new revenue generating projects to put into production. We’ve lacked this capacity since Yellowtail was let go in October 2022, which has been partially filled with ad hoc consultancy on the part of review, but at this point the backlog of impactful projects have grown to a size where an extra pair of hands can make a huge difference.

Hiring a part-time solidity developer will help Inverse Finance DAO deliver on new projects in a more timely manner, while increasing the quality of code through a strengthened internal review process.

The list of potential projects in the backlog include:

  • Expanding FiRM to the Optimism and Arbitrum layer 2s and beyond.
  • Expanding DOLA liquidity through our Fed system to new layer 2s, replicating the success we’ve seen with Velodrome on Optimism.
  • Building DOLA liquidity in bridging protocols, to cement DOLA as the stablecoin for multichain purposes.

The most promising candidates went through a live coding challenge during the interview process along with due diligence on work at former projects. After several months of interviews Nakamomo and 0xMT are now happy to present the prevailing candidate, Tabboz:

Tabboz spent two years on the Ocean protocol core team building Ocean v4, and more recently spent a year with FiatDAO building out their governance system. We enjoyed meeting Tabboz and believe that he will be a great contributor to the Product Working Group and Inverse Finance DAO as whole.

Fund the PWG to pay Tabboz’s salary of 5600 DOLA per month during a trial period of two months. During this trial period a continuous performance evaluation will take place, along with an evaluation of how Tabboz mesh with the rest of the team of core contributors. At the latest by the end of the trial period, the PWG will either recommend the token holders to move Tabboz unto continuous payroll, or disengage our engagement with them.

On Chain Actions
Create an allowance of 11200 DOLA to the PWG multisig:


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