Extend Tabboz for 2 month hiring period

Proposal to extend Tabboz for 2 month hiring period


Extend 11200 DOLA allowance to PWG multisig for continued engagement with part time solidity contributor.

Tabboz have been engaged as an Inverse Finance part time contributor for three months, and have delivered a soon to be launched Arbitrum Fed, a soon to be launched leverage feature for FiRM and review work. He has meshed well with the team and become an increasingly productive contributor after getting onboarded to the codebase, and learning the details of the different Inverse Finance ecosystem components.


Having an additional solidity development resource has been a great asset to the Product Working Group, as it has allowed the working group to work on multiple features in parallel, and with the near future proposal to deploy the leverage engine, will soon benefit FiRM borrowers and by extension INV token holders. Extending our engagement with Tabboz will allow other contributors to fully focus on getting FiRM ready for L2 deployment, letting Inverse Finance expand its ecosystem and establish a foothold on Base, Optimism and Arbitrum as soon as possible.

We ask that the PWG will have its allowance increased by 11200 DOLA, to continue funding Tabboz work for two months, until the revamp of the working group budgeting process is in place.