Proposal for Additional Funding for Security Related Services

Authors: @Crypterist , @patb


Pay for security assistance rendered by Hacxyk. Retain them for a 3 month period for security services.


Inverse needs to further instill trust within our community following the Apr 2, 2022 price manipulation incident. Including third parties in improving security and reliability of our products will be a renewed focus for Inverse Finance going forward.


we have identified and interviewed a third party security consulting firm, Hacxyk, to assist us on an ongoing basis in reviewing front end code, oracles, and other security policies in order to augment our own in-house security expertise. Hacxyk has already identified areas for improvement in our security operations following our call for community involvement after April 2, 2022 and we believe that this firm can perform needed reviews and make non-software recommendations which will reduce our security attack surfaces.

We propose retaining Hacxyk on a part-time (average of 50 hours per month) at a rate of $10,000 per month for three months in addition to a one-time payment of $20,000 for assisting us during the month of April following the price manipulation incident of April 2nd. (Total of $50,000)

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I have worked with @crypterist and others on this proposal and believe both the audit and the ongoing security consulting described in this proposal are part of an improved, mulit-layer security posture for the DAO. Combined with our bug bounty program, our Risk Working Group competencies, and other governance-related initiatives, these are important steps in building a more resilient and scalable DAO.

Removed Peckshield audit language