Proposal to Authorize Full-Time Compensation For Karm

I, nakamomo, am posting this for @karm as I am whitelisted to post proposals on Governor Mills, Inverse Finance DAO’s on chain governance system. I have been working with Karm on and off for the better part of a year and I noticed him ramping up his engagement in January. I’m for Karm being put on payroll for full-time, effectively doubling his current half-time compensation from 5750 DOLA to 11500 DOLA per month.

Karm’s motivation:
I want to express my interest in full-time status (with adjustment of hours and comp) here at Inverse Finance… It’s been 9 months (April 17th) since the RWG was formed (proposal #022) and my role has since grown to assume many responsibilities. These include involvement in the analytics working group and alerts monitoring system, Incident Response Team, various Multisigs, becoming a valuable member of the Treasury Working Group and the Sec-Ops team, and having a role both in business development and as a treasury, policy, and growth strategist. I am also admin and manager of the discord server, a role I assumed in late 2021.

The RWG lead by @edo is ramping back up due to the launch of FiRM and various initiatives by the TWG and Growth team. To conduct thorough analysis of proper monitoring of these initiatives has become a full time task for a multi-person team. The RWG is also part of a 1 of 3 multisig that requires near immediate response time and 24/7 availability in the wake of an emergency. I am part of this multisig and have always been highly available and a first responder in these events.

The month following the formation of RWG I joined the TWG multisig initially as a custodial signer. This role has evolved into a full time TWG role participating in weekly strategy calls,and being available for emergency actions. The TWG msig is a 3 of 4 which requires near 24/7 availability from its owners and we’ve had multiple instances where we needed to act fast protecting the DAO where again I’ve been a first responder.

To excel at these roles and conduct proper due diligence requires more time from me which I am willing to commit to the DAO. To scale Inverse from a risk standpoint ultimately requires a multi-person team with availability to act 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. I have been participating in full time capacity since January 1st and have brought ample value to these high impact areas of DAO operations.


The importance of a robust risk management function within Inverse Finance is hard to overstate at this moment. From providing ongoing due diligence for new lending opportunities, risk assessment of new liquidity strategies and collaterals on FiRM, to managing an increasingly complex and disparate array of DOLA Fed lending facilities, a solid RWG is essential to the success of Inverse going forward. I see Karm converting his status to full-time as integral to this success. Since forming the RWG in April 2022, he has been a joy to work with. He has been a full-time contributor despite his part-time status for some time now, and for this reason I fully support this proposal and hope the DAO does too.


I’m all for this. I’ve seen Karm everywhere in the organization and to be honest already believed he was in a full time capacity. I know the DAO is being very mindful of spend at the moment as we should be, but in order to scale Inverse needs the best risk thinkers in the space, and those people need their own risk reduced to be able to concentrate fully on the work.

I will vote for this proposal with my own Inverse as well as Inverse that has been delegated to me.