Proposal to create a Community Working Group

Edit: Draft 1

Draft 1.1 Proposal For Community Working Group

Written by @Nakamomo :space_invader: +#0165


This proposal aims to create an experimental (3 month) Community Working Group and operating budget to boost community participation and facilitate communication within the Inverse Finance DAO.


Inverse Finance’s community activity is increasing and is adding new members on a daily basis. A few diligent contributors have stepped up, some recently and others for more than one year, mostly on an ad hoc and voluntary basis until the Growth Working Group was formed to enhance our efforts in business development and marketing.

HoIver the Inverse Finance community is in need of its own strategic focus in collaboration with but independent of the GWG. It is widely acknowledged that community is a strategic “moat” for many DAO’s where a great community can sustain even a mediocre product offering, while a great product without the right community behind can suffer from slow adoption or even failure. Inverse today is somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

As Inverse positions itself to scale to 1 billion in DOLA circulation, the timing is good for a more concentrated effort to build the Inverse Finance community.


I propose the creation of an Inverse Finance Community Working Group (CWG), as an experimental effort which, if successful, can be extended by future DAO vote.

Responsibilities for the CWG would include:

Community Recruitment

  1. Onboarding new members
    1. The Inverse DAO has been inconsistent in providing a good onboarding experience for new members and CWG will make efforts to improve it including regular onboarding calls for new members, new documentation to assist new members, and a better Discord channel to facilitate new members. It is also an opportunity to encourage new members to become immediately active on Twitter and other social media as part of the onboarding process.
  1. Defining roles for incoming members
    1. Design more defined roles for incoming DAO members so every new member can see clearly how they can participate and what is expected. Clarify the way we set compensation for members of the DAO.
  1. Improve global member recruitment
  • Inverse’s representation from some global communities could be improved, for example in China. The CWG will look at best practices in other DAO’s for improving the global diversity of our community.
  1. Managing Job advertisements.
  • Inverse WG’s have hiring needs and the CWG can assist in posting new job openings on web job boards and spreading the word about open positions, as well as compensating DAO members for referrals.

Community Engagement

DAO Events

1. Community Calls
  • CWG will host regular community calls

  • CWG will organize other community-wide calls to promote new products, partnerships, or other noteworthy events taking place.

    1. Contests
  • Our recent logo contest was a good example of getting new members engaged but there are other contests we can run to attract new members and engage current members.

  1. Games
  • Collaborate with Akarin from GWG who has been leading our poker nights Other games considered are Jackbox, virtual Jenga, Karaoke. We can also have poker tournaments or play other games in metaverse spaces such as Decendtraland or
  1. Surveys
  • Use survey monkey or Dyno bot to get a better understanding of the types of events that the community members are interested in and to measure the ongoing pulse of the community/find new ways to improve the Inverse community
  1. Partner Events
  • DAO-wide AMA’s with Partners
  • Floki invited Nour to an AMA at their TG channel when we added FLOKI as collateral to Anchor. Inverse can have similar events inviting leaders from partner projects to our community stage for AMA’s, etc.


  1. Raising awareness of new proposals, voting opportunities
  • We can do more to encourage comments and inputs on new proposals

  • CWG can organize, if desired, community-wide calls to discuss new proposals

    1. Pose questions to delegates
  • One of the pillars of IF’s governance system is the ability to delegate votes and to take the role of a delegate, and vote on the behalf of your delegators. CWG will pose public questions to the delegates in order to stimulate conversation as new proposals come forth.

  • Delegate AMA’s


Inverse merch store

  • There have been several efforts to get IF specific merchandise in the past and CWG will set out to complete the task.


The CWG will be led by @nakamomo who will serve as chair of the CWG. Participants in the CWG will have opportunities to propose new CWG projects and experiments.


I forecast a 90 day budget of 20,000 DOLA as full-time salary for Nakamomo who has been a very active member in several parts of Inverse DAO, officially as Project Manager for the launch of INV+ since December. I also anticipate a modest amount of spending for ad hoc contributors to the CWG for things like research, articles, recording calls and interviews or referral bonuses for those introducing us to new engineering candidates or other valued contributors. I am also anticipating up to 16,300 in DOLA during this period for job advertisements, gaming expenses, and a small amount of INV-branded merchandise to be used for giveaways and incentives that we create through a new Inverse merch store or suitable outlet.

Category Description Estimated 3 Month Costs
Salaries Nakamomo (FT) 20,000
Ad-hoc contributions TBD contributions to CWG efforts 6,000
Recruiting Job Advertisements 2,000
Events Gaming licenses, Prizes 2,500
Merchandise & Art Payments for art/design work done on behalf of CWG 1500
3 Month Total 32,000 DOLA

This budget is an estimate of the maximum I expect to spend during this test and any unused funds will be returned to the treasury

Transparency Commitment

Each month the CWG will share a report with the INV DAO that provides updates including

  • Summary of funds spent
  • Updates on funded experiments

Inverse is ready for a dedicated group devoted to building and strengthening our community as a strategic advantage. I’ve worked with @nakamomo, @akarin, and @99donuts extensively and know they will do their best to make this test a success.


The community has been and will always be our most valuable asset at Inverse. I totally support this proposal since it formalize the commitment and participation of some of our most active contributors.


Repeating this comment from the Governance General channel:

Regarding the salaries I think it’s too much. That’s $57,000 over 3 months, which equates to 3 salaries of $76,000 per year. I don’t see the need for the salary equivalent of 3 full time workers for community to begin with ($57,000 * 4 = $228,000 over the course of a year is absolutely crazy for community work).

I would propose:

  • 1 person full time as Community WG lead at a salary of $76,000 (so $19,000 for the 3 month trial)
  • 2 people part-time to support the lead at $25,000 per year (so $6250 each for the 3 month trial).

That would make the salary budget for this proposal $31,500 for the 3 month trial.

The other line items seem reasonable to me, so I would support this proposal with a reduced total allocated to salaries


This budget includes comp for @Akarin who also does a lot of work in GWG as most of you know, as well as @99donuts who is our full time Telegram support/mktg/community lead plus discord mod/support plus he’s active on Twitter and has been paid last 2 months via GWG. I do not believe we should reduce spending here though if we need to fund @Akarin via GWG that may be one way to tighten this CWG budget. Also I have no problem with continuing to fund @99donuts via GWG though to me it’s pretty clear that what he is doing is the heavy community building we really need and CWG would be make more sense but also could be something we do after the 90 day CWG test. Also don’t believe we should ask anyone included in this proposal to take a cut in pay.

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Community Working Group Survey

After submitting the CWG proposal to Inverse Finance’s forum, we created a survey to gauge the interest and priorities of the IF community. The survey had 10 participants, see the survey results in the slides.

The respondents place high value on both org structure and engaging activities .
In more specific areas of focus, onboarding stood out with 100% hit rate followed by recruiting. Community games and Non-English also had more than one vote each. All options got at least one vote other than Partner AMA’s and Research DAO tooling.

Regarding events, Poker Tournaments are the favorite, closely followed by Partner AMA’s and Twitter Raffles/Spaces. Online games and Decentraland gatherings both got votes but less than half of the others.

The open comment box generated a lot of great comments. The sentiment is clear, the CWG should focus on onboarding and educating new members and also to create an enjoyable working environment.

  • Dola and INV adoption growth
  • Facilitating the Onboarding process.
  • The primary goal of the CWG should be to grow the community in terms of the number of members and social media presence online.
  • increasing the number of active contributors in discord & number of proposals on forum
  • Growing the community in size, onboarding new members
  • Education of new INVaders
  • Educating people about Anchor, DOLA, and Inverse.
  • making a friendly inclusive environment people want to be a part of, invest in, and contribute to.
  • Expand the community, get Asia to join the convoy properly

Six respondents commented that they are interested in participating and assist the CWG to some extent.

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A quarter million dollars is too much for community work. Base salaries should be reasonable, happy to talk about KPI-based incentive structures. Will not vote for with the current proposed salaries.

Also, we aren’t talking about GWG work here - that’s a separate issue, ofc you can organize to pay out of GWG budget whatever you’d like to.

After discussions within GWG, I have edited the CWG proposal. I will be working closely with @Akarin and @karm regarding community activities but they will remain in GWG under their current commitments.


Inverse Finance Community Working Group Budget Summary
26th March - 30 April 2022

The Community Working Group was established a little over a month ago and has successfully carried out several of its tasks.


Starting out, I focused on onboarding as the initial CWG survey prioritized onboarding higher than any other topic. I re-wrote most of the docs to be more beginner friendly and will continue that effort. Both the weekly orientation calls and community calls have been highly appreciated by the participants and have proven to appeal to both retail and institutional visitors. Working group leaders have presented the latest progress, questions are answered and our new developers have been interviewed.

Mestigoit cleaned up the orientation slides to match our graphical style which made the orientation calls more appealing and easy to follow.


Gaming sessions have had good turnout and proved to be a great social surface for contributors and newcomers to meet in a relaxed setting. With a prize of 50 DOLA in the poker pot (other than the first game), CWG has paid out 300 DOLA to: Edo, Cryptoharry, Nakamomo in order of winnings. Kudos to Ben_Lavabo who won but let his winnings roll over to the next game.


I have been exploring several crypto-native merchandise providers and stood out as the most responsive. We received a selection of graphics to pick from and will publish a community vote survey to decide which ones to use.

Discord Roles

Me and Karm have been making changes to optimize discord channel layout and permissions structure. Karm has been very responsive as discord admin.


I have kept a continued presence to keep the logo, branding and style guide process going.

At the 4/2 incident, I was present in the war room discussions and joined the other core contributors in our Twitter spaces to assist in the response. Along with banning bots and other moderator duties, I have edited our articles on the topic and helped respond to distressed users in discord and the orientation calls.

We decided to celebrate diamond handed stakers by distributing POAPs representing Inverse Finance entering the curve wars in response to the 4/2 incident to their wallets. Karm did research on POAP distribution, Ishita made a fabulous image and I am coordinating with GWG to time the release.


CWG has spent a total of 8716 DOLA as of 30th of April 2022.

Line Item DOLA
Comp 8056
Design 360
Games 300

Going forward
After conversations in the Growth Working Group, we have decided to move the responsibilities of our moderators to the CWG which means that Donuts will receive comp from CWG.

The regular community, orientation calls and poker meetings will continue in line with the CWG mandate.

Voting for merch graphics will be out shortly.

Partner events like twitter spaces with yearn, badger or others are still in the cards.

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Inverse Finance Community Working Group Budget Summary
1st may - 31st May 2022

Community calls, orientation calls and poker tournaments all have gone well each week.

I checked in with all core contributors for feedback on the on-boarding process and to make sure that expectations are aligned throughout the organization. This resulted in a draft document outlining contributor compensation guidelines. I will create a community event, possibly in unless in Discord, for wider community feedback. I also created a proposal to update their (our) compensation to match the scope of their impact and effort. My comp is moved to the payroll contract and the CWG allowance has been reduced by a corresponding amount.

The poker tournaments has a returning crowd but newcomers also find their way there. These sessions have turned out to be the firs vocal interaction for multiple community members who have been contributing without speaking or who have been hesitant to approach us.

Merch designs are underway and I expect the merch to be available before the 25th of June.

I overhauled the docs for the Frontier name change and added new yearn assets.

Release of 4/2 Inverse Finance Army Badge NFT finished with 97 claimants so far.
NFT for our entry onto Optimism and Velodrome is up and will be available to claim as DOLA gets bridged to Optimism. Claim it if you stake INV!

Our discord was at times swarmed with bots and me and the mods have done a fair bit of bot banning. Thanks to @karm for fixing our spam protection.

@0xMT suggested that we start a weekly voice call to speak about something that is topical that you found in a book, article, podcast or elsewhere and discuss it. Book Club Tuesdays was launched this week and we welcome the community to join us in the coming weeks.

4946 DOLA comp to Nakamomo for 1-23 May as Head of CWG.
2000 DOLA com to 99Donuts99 for moderator work.
200 DOLA in poker winnings have been paid out to 0xMT and Edo.
7146 in total.

Nakamomo has also assisted GWG, product and ops:

  • Taking on on-boarding responsibility from ops regarding comp for new core contributors.
  • BD work resulting in DOLA to listed as collateral votes on when arriving on Optimism along with veNFT votes for DOLA LP’s.
  • Authoring a tweet thread and blog article on velodrome and optimism.
  • Listing of DOLA on
  • Assisting in product prioritization.
  • Assisting in driving the brand and logo creation.
  • Appearances on one-off events such as Cult DAO and Frontier TW spaces.

Inverse Finance Community Working Group Budget Summary

1st June - 25th June 2022

The Community Working Group led by @Nakamomo has created natural entry points for new visitors and contributors since its inception three months ago. CWG has maintained a cadence of calls throughout the week and now take on the role of Governance Steward to further governance awareness and general liveness within Inverse Finance DAO. Continued funding of CWG is important as community retention makes a critical difference during prolonged market downturns, keeping our valued contributors in-house and fostering an uplifting DAO culture.


  • The weekly Community calls has been an important meeting place both for informing the community about the latest goings-on, but also as a place to ask questions and iron out misconceptions. Several people have chosen the community calls or the poker table as the place to break the ice and have a chat with team members for the first time. Among them was @CMeth who is now making a name for himself as a new contributor to TWG.
  • The Weekly Orientation calls similarly have been the first touch point for two categories of users who all found what they were looking for. The first being new entrants into the cryptocurrency space who need basic information, and the other being DeFi natives that I can inform and send on to the appropriate working group such as investors looking for an OTC deal or large CVX holders looking for INV in exchange for their gauge votes.
  • Weekly poker games. The poker sessions keep being a great social melting pot with an uplifting atmosphere.
  • Me and 0xMT started Braintrust interviews on every other Tuesday where we invite core contributors to have a birds-eye discussion of overarching topics relevant to Inverse Finance DAO, the topic of the first session being the Ethereum merge.
  • Discord moderation has gone well despite a couple of bot storms. Thank you Donuts and @karm for your vigilance. Karm and I also updated the topic and role structure in Discord.
  • I have updated and overhauled the Docs to be more beginner friendly and up to date with our current product offering.
  • Inverse Merch will be available to buy from on Thursday, 30th of June.
  • Moderated and participated in Twitter spaces events
  • I began what is to be a living document outlining our contributor guidelines and guiding principles. Thanks to @0xMT for input in its early form.

CWG Spend
CWG has spent a total of 18,112 DOLA as of 25th of June 2022.

Line Item DOLA in April May June TOT
Moderation/Support 2,000 2,000
Gaming Prizes 300 200 250
Comp 8,056 4,946
Design 360
Total DOLA 8,716 7,146 2,250 18,112

The Community Working Group was proposed by Nakamomo and formed on a 3 month experimental basis on Mar 29th, 2022. More detailed updates can be found in previous forum posts but after discussions among core contributors, the original CWG responsibilities have since expanded to:

  • Governance stewardship. Leading calls discussing new proposals, field community input, and assisting in the proposal editing process. Bring better overall community visibility and interaction to new governance proposals.
  • Initial on-boarding of new contributors
  • Compensation. Developed a new onboarding process and contributor guidelines relating to ad hoc compensation.
  • Community calls and activities (Orientation calls, Gaming, Braintrust Interviews)
  • Merchandise
  • Promotional NFT’s
  • Docs updates
  • Discord moderation
  • Telegram moderation

I propose that we continue to fund the CWG for an additional 180 days, refreshing the budget allowance every 3 months. I will be posting a proposal on Governor Mills to adjust the CWG multisig DOLA allowances to match another 3 months:

Description Estimated 3 Month Costs
Moderation/Support 6,000
Ad-hoc Contributions to CWG 3,000
Job Adverts 1,000
Gaming Prizes 1,000
3 Month Total 11,000 DOLA

Finally, a big thanks to @patb and all core contributors. You are a joy to work with!


Here are the server stats for the 15th March - 13 July. We can see a continuous inflow of new discord members but it is decreasing somewhat. A median of 7.5% of new members spoke in a voice channel which is fairly impressive. We retain around 10% of new members after 2 weeks. Ignore the new member spike on July 4th as our spam protection had an outage.

I think that these numbers are somewhat off because of unrelated bots spamming the server but the numbers seem to be consistent with a living project in the thick of a bear market.

CWG Update
Since the last update, CWG has focused on retention of current community members and improving our educational material rather than expansive outreach during the past two quarters. This focus on retention is due to the negative crypto market sentiment and lack of product offerings from the DAO in the second half of 2022.

Weekly calls garner attention from different people in the community, the weekly community calls and orientation calls still serve as a good place for people to ask questions and voice concerns during the launch of FiRM and DBR and governance in general. The weekly poker sessions are open for everyone and a dedicated cadre returns to fill the table each week, having tons of fun.

Docs Overhaul
Updated the docs with the launch of FiRM and the website refresh.

Explainer Videos: FiRM and DBR
Created explainer videos for FiRM and DBR (thanks Ishita for designing the images). They already have proven to be a valuable tool in partnership relations and more explainers are underway.

AMA Appearances
Nakamomo appeared on Inverse Finance twitter spaces and on Bitwell’s and’s AMA’s.

DBR Airdrop
CWG organized the DBR airdrop which left us with >481 new newsletter subscribers. The airdrop application form also generated plenty of Twitter subscribers and engagement.

Dev Hire
Organizing and performing interviews for hiring a solidity developer are underway.

FiRM Alpha Testing
Organized interviews with 10 alpha testers in close communication with theAlienTourist for UI/UX development.

Community rewards
CWG has awarded a total of 30 INV to discord members who have been helpful or who have brought clarity and assistance to conversations with their presence, thank you all! Nominees by team vote:

Masonv - 12
CryptoBern - 8.4
Cryptinewt - 4.8
DN_ - 3.2
NacreousCloud - 1.6

CWG Spend since 23 July
Note that 99Donuts99 was paid by CWG for moderation and handling payment of different online services for the DAO, but his pay has been transferred to the payroll contract since.

Poker 1350 DOLA
Moderation 8000 DOLA
Community Rewards 30 INV

Here are server stats for Oct-Feb 2023:

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As the 2022-2023 bear market and DOLA bad debt incidents unfolded, it became clear that the key to weathering the storm was to focus on nurturing a strong, interconnected community by fostering trust, promoting transparency and maintaining open lines of communication, both internally and externally.

During these challenging times the community’s and the core contributor’s bonds were tested and proved to be an invaluable asset. With the exception of a couple of markets on Frontier, Inverse Finance lacked product offerings for new and existing users during most of 2022. This fact and the market’s challenges called for a shift in our outreach - huddle up and focus on quality over quantity, promote clarity, and build trust. The strength of a DAO is firmly rooted in the trust and quality of communication between its contributors, governance token holders and the global community.

The CWG (me, Nakamomo) led with an educational approach, working with other WG’s and interacting with community members on a 1:1 basis, ensuring they were properly informed about our challenges but also new products like FiRM and new farming opportunities like those on Velodrome. Above all, the CWG has led with a positive outlook that is essential to keeping a DAO together through existential crises. As a result, the DAO is emerging stronger and more cohesive and with a business model centered around FiRM that can form the basis for our next stage of hypergrowth.

It bears repeating that the bear market sentiment and DOLA bad debt incidents of April/June 2022 highlighted the critical importance in having high quality communication in times of crisis, as well as maintaining consistent and trustworthy relationships within the DAO. The resilience of our community is a testament to the power of cooperation, and the dedication of those who stood by the DAO when it mattered most fosters trust and open communication among governance token holders and the broader world. Thank you!


In 2022 CWG was asked to take an active role in the hiring process to replace one of our developers who was taken off payroll.

  • Job advertisements, screening, interviews, offers, etc. Organizing a solidity developer talent hunt reaching out both via job adverts and in developer Discord servers, evaluating ca 50 candidates in total, conducting interviews with 0xMT and performing due diligence on the selected candidate.

Usability & User Feedback

Beginning with the launch of FiRM, CWG’s role expanded to include usability testing and similar user research and this will be a task growing in scope as FiRM expands its reach to L2’s and gets more users. Notable examples:

  • Organized FiRM UI/UX alpha testers and aggregated the feedback during production.
  • Interviewing Olympus power users on FiRM UX and PMF together with GWG.


Usability and education go hand in hand, and a primary focus for CWG’s community building is centered around creating and improving educational material to enable new and existing users to better understand and use our products, as well as participate in DAO governance.

  • Explainer videos. Writing and production of two additional explainer videos (totalling three): FiRM Step By Step, How DOLA Works. Ishita from GWG did a fantastic job in creating the artwork.
  • Educational blog posts giving users actionable knowledge for engaging in DOLA yield farming such as: “DOLA Yield On BSC”, “How To Farm DOLA On Solidly Forks”.
  • Other written content.
  • Maintenance and improvement of the Docs: Revamped the look and and feel of the docs using widgets (thanks Edo for great input!), and added explainer videos. Added sections on audits, bug bounties and security. Removed redundant material and re-wrote a large part of what remained.

Community Engagement & Incentives

It’s a challenge to engage or motivate a community during a bear market! Still, we implemented a number of programs that have engaged both new and experienced community members.

  • Keeping clear and open communication for INV holders by holding weekly community calls and editing and proof-reading crisis communication.
  • Organizing community INV rewards for Discord members who provide help, insight or otherwise lift the quality of communication in the DAO, voted on by contributors on payroll.
  • Organizing the DBR airdrop and user support, assisting GWG with marketing.
  • Discord moderation. This is an ongoing part of the CWG’s charter and moderation ranges from answering simple support questions to dealing with trolls, scammers and similar challenges. Donuts is also responsible for Discord, Reddit and Telegram moderation even though it’s a minor part of his role. His main task is real world economic settlement for DAO operations.
  • Newsletter.
  • Weekly poker sessions with free entry for the community. An hour of fun that remains a great space for community members to break the ice and connect. Word of our poker sessions spread and the DAO was invited to a multi-protocol poker tournament hosted by Bond Protocol in february.

Governance stewardship

  • In mid-2022 CWG was asked to become more involved in the governance process, outline a framework for routines around proposal creation, ensure prompt execution of proposals and clearly lay out the process in the docs.
  • Managing the forum: communicating with the other WG’s and keeping track to make sure that proposals are put up for discussion at least 24h before a live vote.
  • Driving the creation of the PWG proposal together with 0xMT.

Other cross-Working Group Activities and Deliverables

  • Leading weekly internal sync calls. There were many occasions in 2022 where the Working Groups often were unaware of each other’s direction and progress. This information asymmetry led to significant delays of all product launches, wasted man hours on redundant work and some frustration. The weekly sync calls serve as a window into the activities and priorities of each WG which has improved our ability to work as a team. The calls also work as a forum to quickly hash out differences of opinion on our priorities.
  • Authoring and editing tweets and blogs for GWG & RWG.
  • Editing and proof-reading most product requirements docs, proposals, blogs and crisis communication.
  • Business development outreach and initial due diligence on solidly forks and possible partners on zkSync.
  • Acting as a confidential sounding board on team issues. An unspoken part of CWG’s role is to sometimes mediate misunderstandings among team members, finding clarity and de-escalate overheated debate.

Looking Forward

DOLA’s and Inverse Finance DAO’s reputation has taken hits but it is improving. We now have a great product in FiRM, functioning organizational structure with working groups, and a base of educational material which gives us capacity to take a more extroverted approach and welcome a larger number of newcomers to the community. Inverse Finance is a prolific on-chain DAO and this should be reflected in our community activities. Creating gamified or educational on-chain quests will let us have new users familiarize themselves with DeFi and our products while at the same time giving us on-chain traces to study for usability improvements. I will put up a CWG budget refresh proposal on Governor mills but in short:

  • Hiring: I will continue to organize and interview candidates for any positions in Inverse Finance DAO in collaboration with the relevant working group or proposal creator.
  • Usability: Continued focus on acquiring and aggregating usability testing data, gathering user feedback with the help of our partners and outreach in their community servers, and funneling this data to PWG and GWG to improve existing products or to improve the new product creation process.
  • Community Infrastructure: As the future is looking brighter than the recent past and we alter our approach to bring in more users, the Inverse Finance DAO user identity becomes an important focus. We need clear user stories and there are platforms which create a framework for completing specific on-chain actions and receiving rewards, or Discord roles, or access to private chat rooms. Having the option to create private Discord chat rooms for power users who’s on-chain achievements get vetted and rewarded would help greatly in the hunt for usability feedback. In addition to giving these users a deeper level of involvement, this will enable CWG to create educational and social media quests which can be tailored product releases, user feedback, partner community interactions and events. Users who complete quests and collect NFT badges will get a stronger sense of belonging which increases our number of brand ambassadors spreading the word. This will also help us understand the different user types and their goals. zkSync has made a good job of creating quests on the platform and I aim for something similar, with the addition of gated chat rooms in Discord.
  • Community Engagement: CWG is seeing interest in hosting a multi-protocol poker tournament for our partners similar to Bond protocol’s tournament, perhaps using for some sybil protection and quests. One of the community members requesting such a tournament, a frequent winner, even offered to donate prize money.
  • Education: Continued efforts to expand and maintain our educational offerings for DAO members and the public.
  • Governance: Continued work and also collaboration with R3gen to keep the community informed of seasonal progress, see the R3gen proposal.

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