Community Working Group Budget Refresh

INV token holders and other interested parties form a community where the future of the Inverse Finance DAO and related topics are discussed. Many conversations are public and we welcome newcomers to ask questions and share their perspective. The most prominent way the Inverse DAO community interacts is via our Discord server, both in text and voice calls. We host weekly public calls such as the Monday Community Call, the Tuesday Orientation calls and we have more relaxed calls, Thursday Poker games (open to everyone!).

The Community Working Group was proposed by Nakamomo (me) and formed on March 29th, 2022. The CWG has been extended quarterly and it is now time to refresh the budget allowance again.
99Donuts99 has been paid by CWG each month including for October but will be put on payroll in a separate proposal as he has been paid for October by CWG. I am paid using payroll and no change is required. I have been focusing on maintaining connectivity among the pre-existing community, making sure that the three public calls are on schedule.

Note that as the influx of new users has been low in the bear market and as we are temporarily without lending products, we have precious few user stories to offer new arrivals. This limited how extrovert the CWG could be and had us focusing on strengthening internal relationships as it makes us ill prepared for a big influx of new users. This has given me time to be very active both in GWG and in devising new lending products and coordinating alpha testing of said product.

CWG responsibilities:
Governance stewardship: Leading community calls discussing new proposals, field community input, assisting in the proposal editing process. Bring better overall community visibility and interaction to new governance proposals.

Initial on-boarding and orientation for new contributors
Community calls and activities (orientation calls, gaming, growth related community exposure)
Community Rewards
Promotional NFT’s
Docs updates
Discord moderation
Telegram moderation
Reddit moderation

I propose that we continue to fund the CWG for an additional 90 days. As budgeting needs have been changing over time, there will be a budget refresh with an allowance refresh (overriding previous allowances) every 3 months. The allowed DOLA for ad-hoc payments and job adverts remained unused last term but they may be required in the coming months.

Description Estimated 3 Month Costs
Ad-hoc Contributions to CWG 3,000 DOLA
Job Adverts 1,000 DOLA
Gaming Prizes 1,000 DOLA
Community Activities/Rewards 30 INV
3 Month Total 5,000 DOLA, 30 INV

Spend since the last budget refresh:

Activity Spend
Moderation 4000 DOLA
Gaming (Poker) 800 DOLA