Proposal to Deprecate the DOLA Stabilizer Contract


This proposal seeks to deprecate the DOLA Stabilizer contract to prevent potential future unforeseen scenarios.


The DOLA Stabilizer was introduced as one of Inverse Finance’s initial products, providing a mechanism to maintain a stable 1:1 swap between DOLA and DAI. It has a daily capacity of 15M DOLA and its DAI balance is replenished only when a user swaps for DOLA. While it has played a crucial role in the past, the emergence of DOLA AMM Feds and the current expansionary DOLA Fed policy has rendered it quasi-redundant. When the market price of DOLA exceeds $1, Feds now mints additional DOLA directly to AMM liquidity pools in partnering protocols, thereby managing the peg.


In our ongoing effort to reduce the number of operational contracts and mechanisms users need to understand and navigate the Inverse Finance ecosystem, the stabilizer was recently removed from the website interface. Deprecating the DOLA Stabilizer contract now is a proactive measure to prevent unforeseen scenarios or vulnerabilities that might arise from maintaining a now-redundant contract.

On-Chain Actions

  • Execute a transaction to disable all functionalities of the DOLA Stabilizer contract.

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