Offboard Inverse Contributor

Proposal to Offboard Inverse Contributor


In alignment with the DAO’s transition to a seasonal operational model, we have implemented a new budgeting process. This process mandates a biannual review and renewal of working group expenditures, including contributor payrolls, coinciding with the beginning of each new season.


As part of the season 1 proposal process, the community working group could not secure the necessary votes in order to continue in its current configuration. Hence, this proposal seeks to facilitate the dissolution of the CWG multisig and the respectful offboarding of CWG lead, Nakamomo.

Working alongside Nakamomo, who has contributed at Inverse Finance DAO for almost 2 years, has been an enriching experience. We unanimously wish him every success in his future endeavors.

On-Chain Action

  • Remove Nakamomo from gov mills proposer whitelist
  • Set CWG DOLA allowance to 0