Extend Governance Proposer Whitelist

Extend Governance Proposer Whitelist


Right now, governance participants with greater than or equal to 1900 INV voting power can submit on-chain proposals, known as the proposal threshold. This helps filter out spam and low-quality proposals from being pushed forward.

To get around the proposal threshold, governance has a proposer whitelist system that allows anyone on that list to submit on-chain proposals (even without any voting power). Adding more people to the whitelist has been discussed before as a way to get more people involved in Governance who have the knowledge to put forward high-quality proposals but not the voting power.


The criteria for being included on the proposal whitelist is:

  • Is a core member
  • Is a member of at least one Inverse Multisig (PC, TWG, GWG, AWG, PWG, etc.)
  • Has at least a minimum knowledge of Inverse’s smart contracts

Based on these criteria, we recommend that the following new addresses are added to the whitelist:

  • 0xMT (PWG) - 0x9F3614afb3Df9f899caDBFfaA05c6C908059F726
  • CryptoHarry’s DAO gas wallet (TWG) - 0xEC092c15e8D5A48a77Cde36827F8e228CE39471a

On-Chain Actions

  • Update proposer whitelist to add 0x9F3614afb3Df9f899caDBFfaA05c6C908059F726
  • Update proposer whitelist to add 0xEC092c15e8D5A48a77Cde36827F8e228CE39471a
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The purpose of the proposer whitelist is to allow individuals who have the knowledge and expertise to submit high-quality proposals, even if they don’t meet the minimum voting power threshold. 0xMT is a worthy addition to the whitelist, as they have deep knowledge of Inverse’s smart contracts and have been an active DAO member and contributor for well over a year. Allowing 0xMT to contribute directly to the governance process will help further streamline the decision-making capabilities of the DAO.