Proposal to Authorize Compensation for Inverse Finance Core Contributors

Proposal to Authorize Compensation for Inverse Finance Core Contributors

To attract, retain and align the interests of top talent with INV holders and the DAO, Inverse needs to reward core contributors with competitive DOLA compensation and vested governance tokens in a way that is comparable to other DeFi projects.


At the end of May, TWG member n3bs decided to step away from being a core contributor at Inverse due to personal reasons. He took the decision to cancel his 2 year INV vesting contract, which at the time was worth 408 INV:

On 22nd June, after much discussion within the team, the decision was made to bring the TWG team back to 3 contributors by recruiting CMeth on a part time basis. This was positioned as a 2 month trial, and so far CMeth has proven to provide the TWG and the Inverse DAO with significant value. This proposal is to grant CMeth with 450 INV, vesting for 24 months with a start date of June 22nd 2022. CMeth is taking 100% compensation in INV, with no DOLA compensation as of now.

CMeth has provided a lot of value to the DAO via contributions within the TWG, being heavily involved in all that the TWG has delivered since June 22nd. In particular, CMeth has been decisive in the strategising of the DAO’s CVX acquisition strategy. As of now, CMeth is not a signer part of the TWG multisig. For now, there is no immediate plan to bring CMeth onto the multisig, as it requires a large time commitment.

Design (GWG)

On May 4th, an on-chain proposal was put forward to add Ishita onto DOLA payroll for part-time contributions in design. Ishita has since proven to be an extremely reliable and talented contributor at Inverse Finance, provided numerous excellent design graphics for the various content requirementents. We recommend granting Ishita with 150 INV, vesting for 24 months with a start date of May 4th. We look forward to Ishita continuing to service the ad-hoc needs for design requests like twitter graphics, blog hero graphics, POAP’s, and similar design requests from across the DAO.


  • Approve INV allowance to INV vester factory for 600 INV
  • Allocate 450 INV tokens to CMeth (0x3D1579B42a9e1D8E6a9b740A2F6A1161B93698Fe), vesting for 24 months calculated from 22/06/2022
  • Allocate 150 INV tokens to Ishita (0x27b8D1347bE36Ff697b48d1D74323E6a9f28eA6D), vesting for 24 months calculated from 04/05/2022
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