Increase Governance Quorum and Submit Proposal Requirements

The DAO will soon be voting on a proposal to increase circulating supply titled: Q4 2022 INV Token Mint and Allowance Refresh. This change in supply warrants an updated governance quorum and submit proposal requirements to respectively reflect 5% circulating supply (9,500 votes) and 1% circulating supply (1,900 votes). These thresholds ensure high proposal quality and safeguard the DAO against governance attacks in time’s of weak markets.

Important to note that DAO Governance has consistently shown good health with 18 of the last 20 proposals receiving over 9500 for votes. The DAO has an active core group of delegates to submit proposals on chain, as well as a proposer whitelist of incentivized team members.

I’d change the wording from ‘total supply’ to ‘circulating supply’. As we are now approaching a circulating supply of 190,000 it is necessary for the proposal threshold and quorum to be updated to reflect so.

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Fixed. Good point. .