Proposal For Retroactive INV Grants for Inverse Finance DAO Contributors

Background and Summary

In Q3 2023, an improved structure for INV contributor vesting was proposed as all INV vesting contracts were due to begin expiring in November 2023. The new vesting structure was added to the product development pipeline and contributors agreed not to propose individual INV grants pending the approval of the new structure for all contributors. Due to delays in implementing the new contract, an interim INV grant proposal was proposed and recently passed, however it is forward-looking and by design does not address the period between the lapse of individual vesters and the May 1, 2024 start date of the interim proposal. As referenced in the text of that interim proposal, the purpose of this proposal is to compensate contributors for this period.


Award INV to contributors at the lowest rate allocated to any contributor prior to the interim proposal and according to the number of days between the end date of their last INV grant and the May 1, 2024 start date of the interim proposal. For Product Working Group developer @Tabboz, who joined on a part-time basis on August 26, 2023 and agreed to delay his individual INV grant proposal pending the availability of a new INV vesting contract, it is proposed that he be awarded at the lowest of the full time allocations, 0.356/day, divided by two or 0.178/day.

Name Vesting End Date Start Date of new INV vester -1 Days Unpaid xINV/day unpaid xINV Total unpaid INV* (*current xINV exRate)
0xMT 4/2/2024 5/1/2024 29 0.356 10.32 78.31
Cryptoharry 2/3/2024 5/1/2024 88 0.356 31.33 237.62
Edo 2/28/2024 5/1/2024 63 0.356 22.43 170.11
Naoufel 2/3/2024 5/1/2024 88 0.356 31.33 237.62
Patb 11/6/2023 5/1/2024 177 0.356 63.01 477.94
Alien 11/1/2023 5/1/2024 182 0.356 64.79 491.44
Tabboz* 8/26/2023 5/1/2024 249 0.178 44.32 336.17
Current xINV exRate: 7.584825631 Total 267.53 2029.20


This proposal ensures that contributors receive fair compensation for the period between the old and new INV vesting contracts.

On-Chain Actions


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@patb You can remove me from the list of recipients, my retroactive vesting is quite small.

Edited to adjust xINV rate down to lowest rate allocated during this period, adjusted beginning date for Tabboz to reflect start date of August 23, 2023, and removed Karm per his request above.