Community Rewards

Core Contributors at Inverse Finance DAO would like to share appreciation for active community members who contribute constructively to the conversations in our Discord server. There is real value in people helping each other out and having good conversationalists bring the level up, and as it is hard to define properly it usually goes without any reward.

Thank you for voicing your opinion and contributing to a good working environment despite tough markets!

We each suggested names in an internal survey and want to award INV according the number of votes for the following Discord members:

Member Total
Keygenmusicenjoyer Declined (12)
Cryptoenthuiast 6
Trophycase 5
Zach 3
Dasvir 2
Cryptinewt 1

Cryptinewt, please DM me your address

@Nakamomo It’s nice to see active members of the community being appreciated. I am the founder of Karma and we have been working with a number of DAOs to help them get visibility into contributor activity across forum, discord, snapshot and many other systems. Some DAOs use this to reward their top contributors. Any interest in evaluating our tool? You can find some details on