Proposal to End INV Vesting Contract

Proposal to End INV Vesting Contract

Background Stats

On March 17th 2022, BasedXeno (now known as crush0x), was awarded with 500 INV (347 xINV) vesting over 2 years (calculated from 01/11/2021) as a core contributor leading operations at the time. Since then, Xeno has:

  • Claimed 283.7 INV (147.1 xINV)
  • 0.9 INV (0.3 xINV) claimable
  • In total, 147.4 xINV, now equivalent to 423.9 INV


Vesting INV is awarded to contributors at Inverse Finance by the DAO in order to align goals, incentivize future results and commitment, and give “a piece of the pie”. BasedXeno has provided huge value to the DAO throughout 2021 and 2022, however, during the last few months has not been able to actively contribute due to other commitments. Due to this, we’ve mutually decided to cancel the vester meaning the current vested but unclaimed INV will be sent directly to BasedXeno, while all locked INV will be returned to the DAO Treasury. This means around 574.3 INV returned to the treasury, and 0.9 INV sent to BasedXeno.

We’d like to thank Xeno for all the hard work and value brought to the DAO as a comped contributor.

Unrelated Housekeeping

Unrelated to the previous part of the proposal, we would like to propose to remove n3bs from the proposal whitelist. N3bs stepped away from active contribution to the DAO in late May, and so having the privilege of proposing proposals is no longer necessary.


  • Cancel BaseXeno Vestor (0xDA37E0458f3828C0073F40B2CEBD8084e978d4BA)
  • Remove n3bs (0xAd4A190d4aEA2180B66906537f1fd9700C83842a) from Gov Mills whitelist
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