Proposal To Authorize Full-Time Compensation for Ishita

I am posting this for @ishita as she does not have posting rights on GovMills.

"I’d like to express my interest in converting to a full time position as the Visual Designer in the Growth Working Group here at Inverse Finance. I joined Inverse in May 2022 as a part-time contributor and n the past 10 months I’ve assumed a lot of new responsibilities and along the way, I’ve also learned many new skills and knowledge that can be an asset to the DAO. Since the launch of FiRM, I have created a series of useful content including the FiRM and the DBR logo, informative explainers with the help of Nakamomo, infographics, and a few animation projects that are currently in progress. After the FiRM launch, there has been a drastic growth in design requests in terms of magnitude, skills, and time required for each project.

My goal for 2023 is to continue building a strong and recognizable brand Identity for Inverse Finance based on the DAO’s existing brand identity work and more recent website redesign. There is growing demand (really good news!) for visual content from community, risk, and growth working groups that requires more than 20 hours per week and in November and December, it was more than 40 hours per week.

We have a great opportunity to expand our visual content output with a wide spectrum of things like:

1. Graphics for social media and blogs. This is what I began doing for the DAO and will continue doing this. We’ve made good progress with the launch of FiRM in solidifying our “look” to the world and the quality and quantity of images can now be increased. Most of our social media and blog design work is planned in advance, but sometimes there are urgent requests.

2. Creating animations. A few months ago I began creating animations in Adobe AfterEffects and our first animation was the FiRM narrative video. We can increase our output of animations now as I am getting more proficient with the app. For scripts I usually work with patb or nakamomo like the one we are currently doing for gOHM.

3. Creating explainer videos. We did our first explainer video for the FiRM launch and we seem to be creating a new one every 3-4 weeks.

4. Creating infographics/web pages etc. We also did our first infographic for the FiRM launch. This was a fun process and we came up with a nice product at the end. For new products or partnership collaborations, we can also do more infographics.

5. Newsletter graphics. In 2023 we can do more to improve our newsletter graphics!

6. Other illustration, logo, icon & web design projects. As we grow and add landing page or add special graphics to the app, I am available to work with @thealientourist to continue to improve the look of those assets. I also receive regular requests for icons and logos - like the DBR logo and the FiRM logo.

7. Brand guidelines. We are currently creating a brand identity guide for partners and media that includes a complete how-to on using Inverse logos, fonts, and other trademarks. This guide will be maintained on an ongoing basis.

8. Creating merch design (print design,mock-ups etc). We’ve only done a little of this at Inverse but we should try again to make cool Inverse merch!

9. Anything else design related that the DAO needs.

I enjoy working with our team and I plan on designing and maintaining a bold and memorable brand identity for Inverse Finance through engaging content that can help us communicate with our community in the most authentic way. For me to do this to my full potential it will require my full-time attention which is why I want to convert to a full-time contributor here at Inverse.


I have been working closely with Ishita in GWG and specifically to create the explainer videos. Ishita is great to work with and I support her being put on full-time pay.