Authorize Compensation For New Contributor

Since the launch of FiRM, Inverse Finance has an increased need for solidity developer manhours. Me and 0xMT have interviewed solidity developer candidates for a half time position and found Viraz to be well suited for the role.

Viraz will be brought on at half time compensation in INV to the value of 7500 DOLA per month during a grace period of 3 months. At the end of the grace period a follow-up vote will be held to bring Viraz on DOLA payroll, potentially full time, and if full time will activate linear 2 year vesting contract of 175 xINV backdated to this proposal.

A product working group multisig intended for ad hoc expenses will be created and funded in order to pay Viraz at the end of each two-week period. The signers of the msig will be 0xMT, Patb, theAlienTourist, Naoufel and Nakamomo.

Viraz: “I am a experienced Smart Contract Developer in the ecosystem, I have worked extensively with DeFI protocols and have experience of leading protocol development & building a DeFi Protocol called GoodGhosting (GoodGhosting) from scratch which also involved also doing multiple smart contract integrations with various DeFi protocols like aave, curve to name a few… I also have worked for some time at InstaDapp writing composable DeFi smart contracts, Frontier ( as a smart contract & backend dev & also have experience with open source contributions at BuidlGuidl (viraz.eth | BuidlGuidl) founded by Austin Griffith & as a smart contract dev at JuiceBox DAO. I am looking forward to start contributing towards protocol development at Inverse, have a positive impact and help shipping out cool products.”

On Chain Actions:
Create Product Working Group multisig.
Create tx to set multisig allowance to 360 INV from the treasury.

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