Request for Delegate Channel

Hi Invaders, I’d like to use this as an opportunity to formally request a delegate discord channel.

About me: I’m a 409’er and have followed Inverse through its whole history. I have a background in finance and have worked with both DAOs and trad companies across a number of tasks.

I believe I am and have been an active and valuable voice in governance, and since I spend gas to vote on nearly every proposal I figured I’d open myself up as a delegate to the broader INV holding population.

You can find my delegate link here which is mostly my position with a few other delegators:

My goal is initially to gain enough voting power, currently set at 1900, in order to be able to bring forward proposals from the community, as an active voice outside of the team. I intend to vote based on the long term interests of INV stakers and attempt to bring forward good ideas and empower the INV holdership.

The chief of my concerns will be around end user experience, but I will weigh in across all decisions as I’m able. I already spend time participating in conversation as can be seen through my forum profile here: Profile - mason - Inverse Finance Forum as well as my discord activity (easily found searching mason on discord).

I’d like to request the team open a delegate channel for me on discord in which to communicate my intents around votes and talk to those delegating to me, as well as any other parties with an interest in governance.

The reasons you should delegate to me:
I vote. I care about the interest of the protocol. I love market design with a focus on communication to users. I will do my best to work actively towards protocol bad debt reduction. I will work actively to help scale FiRM and DBR issuance and liquidity. And I will heed your feedback.



Mason is a thoughtful advocate for INV holder interests and brings a steady flow of ideas and suggestions to our DAO - @karm @Nakamomo can we set this up?

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Fully support this. Let’s make it happen!

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Done. Welcome as a delegate, @mason!

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Thanks again all, excited to advocate for the community

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