Proposal to Whitelist DOLA Fed for Rari Fuse Pool 18


Inverse Finance has an additional opportunity to expand our alliance with Olympus to add DOLA lending to Fuse Pool 18 as well as to allow DOLA holders to supply DOLA to the same pool to earn yield.


Inverse is working with Olympus on a series of alliance projects including, now, discussions about collaboration around their Rari Fuse Pool 18 “Olympus Pool Party.”

Today, stablecoin borrowing options on Fuse Pool 18 include FEI, FRAX, alUSD, MIM, DAI, and USDC.

while collateral/supply options include those plus gOHM, ETH, USDC, DAI, FRAX, FEI, RAI, ALUSD, and MIM.

Collateral factors for other stables used as collateral are as high as 65% while CF for other collateral ranges from 20% gOHM to 65% for ETH or RAI.

The overall tone of this pool is more conservative in terms of the collateral options and the collateral factors, which is reassuring, as is our track record and relationship with Olympus.

More on Olympus here


  • Whitelist DOLA Fed contract for Fuse Pool 18 as a DOLA minter