Proposal to Whitelist DOLA Fed for Rari Fuse Pool 24 (Harvest Finance)


Inverse Finance has an opportunity for an alliance with Harvest Finance to add DOLA lending to Fuse Pool 24 as well as to allow DOLA holders to supply DOLA to the same pool to earn yield.


Inverse is working with Harvest Finance about collaboration around their Rari Fuse Pool 24 “Harvest FARMstead”.

“Harvest is a yield aggregator with operations primarily based on Ethereum. Harvest saves users time and money by finding and vetting farming opportunities, batching transactions, and automatically compounding returns on over $300mm in deposits across a wide range of assets. Fees from vault profits are shared with FARM holders who deposit into the iFARM profitsharing vault. Learn more at

Today, stablecoin borrowing options on Fuse Pool 24 include FEI, FRAX, UST, BUSD, DAI, and USDC.

while collateral/supply options include those plus iFARM, FARM, WSTETH, IDLE, RGT, and FARM-WETH

Collateral factors for all collateral range from 50% to 65%.

Admin Contract: 0xF49440C1F012d041802b25A73e5B0B9166a75c02 (Nour)

LIquidation Incentive: 12%

More on Harvest Finance here


  • Whitelist DOLA Fed contract for Fuse Pool 24 as a DOLA minter
  1. Risk analysis here: Assessing Risk of Fuse Pool 24 (Harvest FARMstead) - Google Docs

  2. Market contract for on-chain action here: CErc20Delegator | Address 0xa355e89f6b326624fb54310589689144b2a0b3a8 | Etherscan

What is the deal with IDLE , 50% CF and the largest liquidity source on ethereum is 209k?

Risk assessment updated - proceeding with more modest DOLA liquidity to start.