Proposal to Whitelist DOLA Fed for Rari Fuse Pool 27


Inverse Finance has an opportunity with StakeDAO to add DOLA lending to Fuse Pool 27 as well as to allow DOLA holders to supply DOLA to the same pool to earn yield.


Inverse is in discussions with StakeDAO about a series of potential business collaborations beginning with the addition of DOLA to their Rari Fuse Pool #27 “Animal Kingdom.”

Today, borrowing options on Fuse Pool 27 include FEI and FRAX while collateral/supply options include those plus gOHM, ETH, sdeursCRV, agEUR (stable from Angle Protocol), sd3Crv, as well as StakeDAO governance tokens SDT and xSDT.

Collateral factors for other stables used as collateral are 70% while CF for other collateral ranges from 50% for StakeDAO governance tokens used as collateral to 90% for ETH used as collateral.

More on StakeDAO here Stake DAO V2. We are thrilled to announce the launch… | by Stake DAO | Medium


  • Whitelist DOLA Fed contract for Fuse Pool 27 as a DOLA minter

Yes 100% and wow I have never seen a 90% CF for ETH before. Great proposal!

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Looks great, I’m all for it. More FED, more DOLA. :slight_smile: